Why is AnonTxt.com Down?

AnonTxt.com was recently shut down at the request of it's web host after receiving multiple complaints about harassing and abusive text messages being sent. A few bad apples, who chose to break our Terms of Service outlined on the site, are what ultimately lead to this situation. We intended for AnonTxt to be used for anonymous tip offs, like those frequently sent in to sites like ThinkSecret.com, not to harass, stalk or verbally abuse others. We've sent over 1 million text messages and we hope that only a few of them fell into this category.

We're not sure what the future holds, but we'd like to see AnonTxt.com back up and functiong again soon. If you are interested in purchasing AnonTxt.com, we will entertain serious offers. You may contact us at info@anontxt.com.

We've also decided to start licensing our underlying code that powers our technology. If your interested in licensing our custom text messaging code, please contact us at info@anontxt.com.