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AnonTxt.com Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support international text messaging?

Yes! Due to popular demand AnonTxt now offers free anonymous international text messaging! International text messaging is currently considered to be in beta testing while we work to add more countries, mobile operators and improve reliability. To start sending free anonymous international text messages visit our International page.

If I don't enter an alias when sending a message, what will the recipient see?

If you choose to not enter an alias your messages will simply show up as "Anon" or "Anon@AnonTxt.com".

I don't want users to be able to send me messages through your site. What do I do?

We realize this is a legitimate concern. If you would like us to block your number, please use our number blocking tool and we will send you a text with a confirmation code to make sure you are really the owner of the number. After confirmation your number is added to our blacklist.

I received an error when trying to send a message. What do I do?

Please email us with the number and mobile carrier if you know it.

Why does your site look weird with my 800x600 screen resolution?

Sorry, but our site has been optimized for 1024x768 and higher resolutions in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Not many people are actually using 800x600 anymore these days so we think we made the right decision. If you are browsing this site at less than the recommended resolution, the forms and text may not be aligned properly.

I love your service! Do you accept donations from users?

Of course! A donation would be very much appreciated! To donate, simply click the button below.

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