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AnonTxt.com Privacy Policy (10-5-2007)

1. AnonTxt.com (hereby called "the Site") is a free text message delivery service that sends messages to a cell phone based on the cell phone's number and service provider.

2. Your privacy is important to us, as we take every precaution possible to protect the users of the Site.

3. The Site reserves the right to change any or all of this Privacy Policy. All users of the Site agree to this Privacy Policy. All users of the Site are also hereby bound by the Terms of Service. These Terms of Service (TOS) are a binding contract between the user and the Site.

4. The Site gathers only what information is necessary for completion of the text messaging service and to prevent spam. Information is used solely for transmitting text messages, and will not be sold or shared with any 3rd parties. In addition, the Site may gather statistical information such as, but not limited to, the number of web site visits, page views, ads served, ad clicks, number of messages sent, and popularity of cell phone providers. This information is used to help better understand how users use our site, and to help us choose the ads to display on the Site.

5. While we may track site usage, we in no way relate this usage to any users in particular. Cell phone numbers are not in any way related to any site statistics, or usage, and are solely used for sending users SMS text messages. The Site will NOT send unsolicited text messages or place phone calls to any acquired cell phone numbers. At no time will cell phone numbers be sold, traded, exchanged, or given to any other 3rd party.

6. The Site reserves the right to disclose any information to courts or law enforcement agencies if presented with a subpoena, or at the Site's sole discretion when such disclosure is necessary to bring legal action against any persons or parties found to be in violation of the TOS, using the Site to cause harm to others, or violating the legal rights of the Site or others.

7. The Site offers the ability for cell phone users to add their mobile number or their childrens to a list of blocked numbers. If you wish to add your number to this list, please use our public number blocking tool.

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